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Finding the perfect prom hairstyle + helpful tips!!

Having trouble finding the perfect hairstyle for your prom? No worries! We have the solution! We've curated a Pinterest inspiration board! Follow our Pinterest page for hairstyle ideas! @diamondsblowdrybar

Here's a couple of tips one should consider when prepping one's hair for prom...

  • When visiting the salon make sure that your hair is washed and FULLY dry! It would make the process easier and efficient for best styled results! Prep the night before with hair masks and or treatments!

  • Wear a button-down shirt! This would be a lifesaving tip because a pullover could potentially ruin your hairstyle.

  • Notify your stylists of your hair type: is it prone to frizz? Do certain products work better for you than others? etc. Our stylists can apply the perfect styling products that will help enhance your desired hairstyle. (Our goal is to make sure your hair looks picture perfect.)

  • Schedule your appointment within a reasonable time! Time management is key! Leave enough time for travel and wardrobe change!

  • Provide your stylists with pictures! From your dress to hair inspiration! Unsure what style would best suit you and your dress? No worries! Diamonds professionals will provide the answers! We also created a Pinterest board with inspiration to help!

We hope that these tips will be of wonderful use! We are accepting hairstyling appointments so book now before it's too late! Our Diamonds Stylists would love to style your hair for your special event!!

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