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Having trouble finding the perfect hairstyle for your prom? No worries! We have the solution! We've curated a Pinterest inspiration board! Follow our Pinterest page for hairstyle ideas! @diamondsblowdrybar

Here's a couple of tips one should consider when prepping one's hair for prom...

  • When visiting the salon make sure that your hair is washed and FULLY dry! It would make the process easier and efficient for best styled results! Prep the night before with hair masks and or treatments!

  • Wear a button-down shirt! This would be a lifesaving tip because a pullover could potentially ruin your hairstyle.

  • Notify your stylists of your hair type: is it prone to frizz? Do certain products work better for you than others? etc. Our stylists can apply the perfect styling products that will help enhance your desired hairstyle. (Our goal is to make sure your hair looks picture perfect.)

  • Schedule your appointment within a reasonable time! Time management is key! Leave enough time for travel and wardrobe change!

  • Provide your stylists with pictures! From your dress to hair inspiration! Unsure what style would best suit you and your dress? No worries! Diamonds professionals will provide the answers! We also created a Pinterest board with inspiration to help!

We hope that these tips will be of wonderful use! We are accepting hairstyling appointments so book now before it's too late! Our Diamonds Stylists would love to style your hair for your special event!!

The Prom Vision Foundation: 

You did it! You made it through most of your senior year, the high and the lows, the excitement of the future, but the fear of the unknown. A time to honor and recognize the time you’ve spent with your community at school, to embrace the precious memories and people you’ve potentially spent more than a decade with. With all the fun and exhilarating activities associated with senior year and senioritis kicking in, it can be difficult to keep up with intricate details with the abundance of festivities. Therefore, we created this checklist for you to make the process easy and simple. 

Some people spend their whole high school career planning every detail of their extravagant prom appearance. Some people get a concept from randomly shopping, watching fashion shows, and finding inspiration. Wherever you are on your journey, the best place to start is with your faith. Corny … I know what you’re thinking, but many define their happiness by how they fit in the nice dress or gaining satisfaction in comparing themselves to others. Having the faith to believe that God created you and every other person in the world, and at prom BEAUTIFULLY & WONDERFULLY. 

After we have a solid foundation in our faith, one foundational step that can solidify your prom planning is creating both a mood board and a to-do list. A mood board is a collage of pictures or phrases that inspire or reflect someone’s vision of an event, time, period, or place. The benefit of using these organizational skills is to see your vision of how you imagine your prom experience to look like. Think about what outfit you want to wear, i.e. a dress, tuxedo? What kind of shoes do you want to wear, makeup or no makeup? This will help you bring your vision into fruition. Once done, create a to-do list with deadlines of when you’d like to accomplish different milestones like picking out your outfit, alterations, researching makeup artist, hairstyles, transportation. This will help create feasibility into your prom vision. 

Once we’ve created a mood board to visually see our vision, and a to-do list to actualize it. Now would be a wonderful time to figure out your financial resources and start budgeting. So, there’s your own personal budget, and there’s the budget for the prom itself. Your personal budget focuses on all areas of your life, whereas the prom budget is for the prom experience. Once you have created your own budget, see if there’s any scholarships, or any giveaways for seniors going to prom. Set up all the things you are doing for prom weekend and calculate the amount of money needed to get and do the things you need and want to do. This will be your prom budget.


Once you have these things in order, it’s a wonderful time to start finding styles and setting appointments. It's no secret! Prom is special, which can make the self-care, glam appointments, and everything in-between a little stressful for everyone. Typically, appointments start to get busy around mid-April to mid-May, so it’ll be wise to be prepared and make it less stressful for you, your stylist, and your entourage if you pick the style beforehand, schedule beforehand and have these appointments prepped. Like here at Diamond’s Blow Dry bar, we love to be prepared ahead of time for our clients so it’s less stressful and more peaceful. So, you won’t have to worry about who’s going to do your hair during graduation rehearsal. If you’re traveling during your prom weekend, have your transportation and bag set up for your trip. Set up housing arrangements and so on.

Once you have all your plans in place, you’ve set your appointments, it’s an exciting time to start looking for your outfits and shoes. Go back to your mood board and find things that resemble the aesthetic you pictured at the beginning of the process. The mood board is the foundation of your search, giving clear and decisive instruction for your prom outfit hunt. Once you’ve secured the fashion bag, it’s time to investigate alterations to make it fit your body precisely. This will turn into a regular outfit and make it look like it was created one-of-a-kind just for you. 

The Week of Prom:

It’s the week of prom and all the emotions are spilling within you! What a blessing it is that you’ve prepared exactly for a time like this. With all the preparations taken beforehand, last minute stress is minimized, and we can stay in the moment and enjoy the totality of this season of life. 

Here would be a fun time to check in with all appointments and make sure they’re all updated in your calendar. Check in with your stylists and seamstress to make sure that everything is going according to plan. Typically, you’d want to have your prom outfit prepared during the week off, but in case you haven’t had the chance this is something to look after. 

Who you are going to the prom with too is important as well and who is driving. Some people go with their friends, partner, by themselves. No matter who you bring, it is an opportunity to celebrate your class and the trials and tribulations throughout the year and for many friendships and relationships cultivated over the years as this season of school concludes. 

Make sure you have your tickets and your wrist flower bouquet. Also having a bit of cash, for food after prom and prom festive activities. For ladies, switch purses to a clutch or something that’ll match but won’t be super heavy for your shoulder or your back. 

The Day of Prom: 

Finally, you’ve made it to the day you’ve spent light years in your head about! PROM! At this point you’ve set all your plans and you’ve attended your appointments, you’ve prepared financially, so the stress of procrastination is lifted off your plate. You look stunning and feel even more sparkling on the inside. It’s time to check transportation, make sure all is in place, and enjoy the moment. 

Making sure we hit the basic of

personal hygiene on prom, then layering that with a scent of cologne or perfume. As for cosmetics, especially makeup. Things like hair and nails are self-care cosmetic appointments that can be done in advance to minimize stress the day off. Once cosmetics are done, make sure your outfit is ironed or steamed. Then it’s time to shine.

Picture time! Yes, before you go to prom, take pictures alone and with your support system. It really takes a village to raise a child, and prom is one of those moments where you can show thanks to your village who has given to you and has helped you grow throughout the various stages of your life. When you get older, you’ll look back on this moment with gratitude. Not only for your community at home who make up a big part of your village but also the community from school who helps you learn. 

So, as you go through the prom season as a senior, think about the precious memories that are only available right now. Then they’ll be stored in memories and suddenly you remember only a shell of what you experienced, but you’ll always remember how it made you feel. So, make the most of the moments, prepare to reduce procrastination stress. Set a dream board, a vision, a to-do list, and follow through with a plan. Set appointments and be precise, future you deserve to look back on such a memory with blushed cheeks and a filled smile. <3

Hair care is something that has been important to many people whether its hair health or even the looks. Let’s face it; between a busy schedule, hair care can fall down the list of priorities. Just ran out of a deep conditioner? Need something quick and inexpensive? We’ve got you covered with 6 kitchen ingredients that’ll transform your hair mask to the next level without breaking the bank!


While adding oil to your conditioner or deep conditioner, it can also be used as a treatment alone and to help add shine after the styling process. Oil is something most people have on hand, specifically oils like olive, coconut, almond oil that's common for people to have in their kitchens. These oils are really good for nourishing the scalp, strengthen the strands. The oils provide key nutrients for the hair including Fatty acids like Omega-3, Vitamins like Vitamin E, and Minerals like Magnesium. Which is a quick and affordable way to add nutrients to your hair.


If you like a batch of eggs in the morning, this next one's for you. EGGS!!! Yes, you’re reading correctly, eggs can improve your hair's shine and strength. The protein and fat complex in an egg has the ability to strengthen and protect the hair making it feel and look stronger. When used in moderation, it can be a great addition to your hair care. Especially adding a little bit of oil to it can be a great protein mask, filling in the gaps in the hair cuticle. It’s a great way to utilize what you already have in your kitchen to improve the quality of your hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another great ingredient to include on your next hair mask is Apple Cider Vinegar. Yes we know…. It has an unpleasant smell, but its hair benefits can be well worth it’s smell. From balancing the scalps pH, catering to dandruff, smoothing the hair cuticles, adding shine, and many more benefits. Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar, because ACV in its full potency can be too powerful. However since ACV is only a couple of dollars, this can be a great way to make your hair feel fluffy, shiny, light-weight, and balance the pH.


Avocado is filled with essential nutrients like biotin, potassium, and magnesium which is an excellent source to add a nutrient boost to your next hair mask. To avoid it getting stuck in your hair, we recommend blending it in with your next DIY or your regular conditioner. It also adds lots of shine and strength to the hair which encourages a healthy environment for your hair to grow.


If you have rice, you have a protein treatment in as quick as a few hours. When you soak rice in water, the proteins that formulate the rice seep into the water creating rice water! This is an incredible and affordable way to add protein to your hair’s hair structure. It can add shine, strength, and nutrients that’ll help improve your hair’s health. It does take more thoughtful action, planning ahead but it’s worth utilizing resources you already have!


If you’re looking for something to soften your hair, help the detangling process, and smooth the hair; honey is a great ingredient to have! It helps with adding essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and even amino acids to help protect the hair with damage and improve overall hair growth. It strengthens the hair and reduces breakage. Simultaneously it provides shine and moisture which adds a fuller and silky texture to the hair.

With healthy hair being a common goal for many, we strive to help share our experience, research, and expertise for the everyday hair enthusiast who are working to reach their hair goals. We get it, we can't always make it to the salon every week; life gets busy and resources can fluctuate. But just because life can get busy and our situations change, we can aim to take it step by step and resort to simpler and more convenient ways to still take steps towards your hair goals while accommodating life’s changes. With each step we are closer to healthy, shiny hair.




Apple Cider Vinegar




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