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7 Healthy Hair Care Habits That’ll Transform Your Hair

Hair care is vital when it comes to creating vitality and endurance. Whether you like your hair long or short, the health of your hair creates a durable foundation for your hair to thrive on. It is also a way for us to honor the hair God has given us, no matter the porosity or the curl type. Our goal is to help others optimize their hair health and create strong hair care foundations that can be sustainable and flexible through different seasons of your life. 

Hair foundation starts with creating an environment to protect the hair we have. Which when it comes to hair that's already existing is exposed to friction of the outside world. Including while we are sleeping, think about your hair being exposed to the pillow. Things like wearing a bonnet can help not only your hair health, but also help prolong the length of your hairstyle. Fabrics are important to retaining your hair, when the fabric is more porous, the hair gets stuck and snagged creating more friction. Silk is a great alternative which is less porous which increases hair moisture and decreases hair friction. From silk sheets or a silk bonnet, this habit will protect your hair from some external abrasion.

Secondly, detangling gently is a way that we show patience towards our hair. When we show this kind of care towards our hair, it resembles Christ's love to the blessings he’s gifted us. “Love is Patient, Love is Kind…” - 1 Corinthians 13:4 (NIV). Actualizing the characteristics of Christ’s characters and implementing them to how we treat our hair can transform the relationship we have with our hair; detangling is a great practice to be gentle and patient with our hair. When we are rushing, brushing harshly it causes breakage, especially when the hair is in a vulnerable state. (I.e. when the hair is wet). 

This leads us to cutting off the damage! I know... I know, sometimes the length is tempting to keep, but avoiding cutting the damage increases the amount of damage. Cutting off the dead ends allows the hair a chance to be sustainable and protect from fragile and thin hair. Ironically cutting the damaged hair promotes hair fullness. 

Fourthly hot oil treatments open the hair shaft from the heat and allows the nutrients from the oil to penetrate a deeper layer. Promoting shine and vibrancy, while preventing frizz and split ends. Protecting and optimizing the hair that we already have, while creating a healthy environment for healthy hair to thrive in. It also increases blood circulation which encourages hair growth. 

Deep conditioning can improve your hair like night and day when you pair it with products and ingredients that work with your hair, while also utilizing methods that work best for you and your hair. Whether it's a DIY hair recipe, a store-bought deep container, or even if it's adding an oil to a regular conditioner; deep conditioning regularly allows the hair to be restored and moisturized deeply. This boosts hair hydration, moisture retention, soft and subtle hair. 

Create a routine, become disciplined! When we show up despite how we feel, we put away short-term satisfaction for long-term gratification. If you have a goal, the cost of achieving it comes with sacrificing the things that don’t positively support achieving it. When it comes to building a routine, time is the opportunity cost. We are committing to blocking out a piece of time regularly to attend to and show love to your hair. While you’ll recognize the fruits of this habit longer term than short term, it is rewarding to see your hair transform over time through consistency and dedication.

Lastly is letting your hair breathe. We hear a lot of cultures speak about protective styles and while they can be helpful sometimes, they can increase tension especially during an extended period. The hair and scalp needs air to breathe and relax in its natural state with minimal interference. This decreases hair thinning especially when we are in our hair a lot. 

Our goal is to share what we know with other hair lovers like you so that we can help others along their hair journey. These are a few habits we’ve learned along the way, and we hope there is something you can take away from this article to improve your hair health journey. 

Hair Care habits: 

  1. Wrapping your hair at night

  2. Detangling Gently 

  3. Cut Off Split Ends 

  4. Hot Oil Treatments

  5. Deep Condition Regularly 

  6. Create a Routine

  7. Letting your hair breathe

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