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Hard Water Hair - People Have it! Do You?

Is your hair feeling dry, brittle, limp, and no bounce?

You could be experiencing hard water overload. If even your skin feels like there is a

residue after you just took a shower, you have hard water.

Hard water produces a film or a residue on your skin and hair. Showering in hard water

leads to dry hair, hair breakage, and even hair loss.

The best way to treat hair damaged by hard water is to introduce moisture with hair

masks and oils. You can prevent mineral build-up by installing a water softener or

a shower head filter that’s designed to remove hardness minerals from your water.

In no time you will begin to experience softer hair and even the products will absorb into

the cuticle layer allowing the product to really work and be effective.


Try using the Moroccan oil Hydration shampoo and Conditioner. This combination will

take away the dry look and cleanse the calcium and magnesium build up on the hair.

For extensive damage that has taken place longer than 30 days you may also need to

get the ends trimmed and add a hair masque to put back the natural moisture that is

lost. The Moroccan Oil hydrating hair masque will replenish the hair and restore the

natural luster.

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