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Diamonds tips for healthy hair

We believe that taking care of your hair should be a priority. Some of us may style it often, color it, or don't implement the proper care it deserves.

There's also skin concerns we should take into consideration. For those with oily hair it is recommended to wash your hair frequently. If you experience an oily scalp, it would be beneficial to wash your hair as often as once a day.

As opposed to those with chemically treated hair, your hair may be on the drier side, and it's recommended to wash it less frequently.

A common misuse we hear our clients mention is that they use shampoo to wash all their hair. Yes, its purpose is to clean but only our scalp area. We recommend massaging your scalp using your finger pads when shampooing.

Remember to use the conditioner after every shampoo! Concentrate conditioner on the tips of your hair! By using conditioner, it helps improve the look of damaged hair and it provides shine to the hair.

We mentioned that skin concerns should be considered but also there's other factors to consider...

For those that color their hair, a color-treated shampoo would be the best choice.

Volumizing shampoo would be recommended for thin, fine hair.

Smoothing shampoo helps tame unruly, frizzy hair.

We hope that these tips are helpful!

Feel free to ask our Diamonds Stylists for the best product recommendations for your concerns!

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